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Steel Framing

Steel framing is an essential piece of the build before adding drywall and insulation. Getting the right system in place, with the best of materials is key for any building project.  Let the JDI team of experienced builders assist with your selection of steel framing.

Steel Framing, the Bones of the Build

  • Steel Studs
    • 1-5/8” - 6"
    • 25 Gage EQ - 16 Gage EQ
    • Custom lengths and heavier gage available upon request
  • Tracks
    • 1-5/8"-6"
    • 25 Gage - 18 Gage
  • Framing Accessories- Clips, CRC, Hat Channel- U Channel, Angel, Flat Strap, Z Furring, Brake Shape
    • All lengths and widths
  • Slotted Track
  • Shaftwall Studs
  • J-Metal
  • Expansion Joints
  • Simpson Strong-Tie



Clark Dietrich