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The Importance of Insulation in Commercial Projects: 4 Reasons to Insulate 

When working on a commercial building or space, it’s easy to forget insulation and its importance. However, choosing the right insulation is the key to your project’s success.  

Commercial insulation comes in many different forms, but its purpose is still the same: it seals the cracks, controls airflow, soundproofs, and even saves you money on energy bills. The moral of this story? Choose your insulation wisely. 

Importance of Commercial Insulation 

Before we go into depth on all the insulation products and materials you’ll need, you must understand the importance of these products in your commercial build.  

  1. Reduce energy bills. A properly insulated building means less energy and heat transfer—reduce bills and your carbon footprint with commercial insulation. 
  1. Improve sustainability. Now more than ever, sustainability is key. Make your commercial building green with eco-friendly insulation options and lower energy use. 
  1. Create comfort. No one wants to be uncomfortable in their workspace. With proper insulation and air sealing, your space will be more comfortable. 
  1. Boost acoustic performance. Countless studies prove the correlation between work productivity and noise—boost your acoustic performance with quality insulation.  

Insulation might seem like a low priority compared to more appealing tasks, but your building will not be successful if you don’t find the right insulation. Both your building and your occupants deserve the best—consider what your space needs and make insulation a priority. 

Johns Manville Insulation Products 

At Jenkins Drywall & Insulation, we carry a wide range of Johns Manville commercial insulation products, all offering different benefits and applications. 


Johns Manville fiberglass insulation offers acoustical and thermal control and is formaldehyde-free, meaning there are no added chemicals. Find a wide range of facings and thermal resistance R-values for any project need. 

Foam Board/Sheathing 

Another type of insulation is foam board and sheathing—Johns Manville polysio foam sheathing insulation offers the highest R-values of any rigid insulation with one layer to improve energy efficiency and reduce thermal bridging. 

Mineral Wool 

Johns Manville also offers mineral wool insulation, a commercial insulation product made of inorganic fibers from basalt, enhanced fiberglass, and volcanic rock. If volcanic rock doesn’t convince you, this type of insulation also uses advanced manufacturing technology, high fiber density, and low shot content for enhanced performance. 

Tile Backer Board 

Tile backer board is a great material to use if you’re looking for something lightweight. For example, did you know that Johns Manville tile backer board insulation is 80% lighter than traditional boards? 

A few benefits of using this type of insulation include: 

  • Light weight 
  • Durability, and 
  • Waterproofing, and 
  • Easy install and cut. 

Because of its light weight and built-in waterproofing, tile backer board insulation makes installation using a simple utility knife and installed by sealing fastener locations and using board joints. 

Spray Foam 

Johns Manville spray foam insulation covers voids and gaps, hard-to-insulate areas, and even exceeds the performance of other types of insulation. This type of insulation is also known for providing superior air control, sound control, and thermal energy efficiency. 

Premium Commercial Building Insulation Products at JDI 

Commercial building insulation keeps your energy bills low, creates a comfortable environment, reduces noise from the outside, provides fire protections, and more. At Jenkins Drywall & Insulation, we pride ourselves in providing you with the best products from the best vendors in the business from Johns Manville.  

Stop by our showroom or give us a call today to learn more about how we can help with your project—you’ll find top-tier commercial insulation products and materials from fiberglass and mineral wool to foam board and spray foam from Jenkins Drywall & Insulation.