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Living in Wyoming: From City to Small Town

What do you think about when you hear people talk about living in Western Wyoming? If you are from the big city, you might think about ranches, tumbleweeds, and cowboys.

Yes, Wyoming does have all of those things, but it is way more than what it seems—the breath-taking views of the Tetons, beautiful fall foliage, and small tight-knit communities are what make Wyoming so amazing.

Joining JDI

In August 2020, our team member Meghan made the move from our sister company, Jones Heartz located in Denver, Colorado to JDI and Etna. Before she was given the opportunity to explore a new position here at JDI, she has never even visited the state.

Meghan drove eight hours to a local hotel about 10 minutes away from JDI. She said, “the drive was beautiful and the closer I got to my destination the more beautiful it got.” Megan’s route included views of the impressive Snake River Canyon where the river meets the winding Greys River and the Salt River at the Palisades Reservoir on the Wyoming-Idaho border.

The Benefits of Living in Wyoming

Living in Western Wyoming might sound intimidating to someone coming from a busier city, but often the quiet lifestyle and beautiful views of Etna are enough to persuade any newcomers. After all, why do you think Western Wyoming is so popular to visit?


When Meghan finally got into town, she realized “compared to Colorado, it seemed a lot less crowded, but all the same natural attractions were in my immediate vicinity.” Even though Etna is a small town in comparison to other towns, the Western Wyoming area is growing rapidly. With Jackson only being 40 miles out, it’s a great time to invest in property, new opportunities, and fresh air.


Nature is one of the biggest benefits of living in Wyoming. If you’re big into the outdoors, Western Wyoming is the perfect fit for you. Meghan spends her free time hiking endless new trails in the Tetons, skiing in Jackson, and camping and biking—what a fun and refreshing way to spend a weekend!


We all love our people—after all, what’s a home without a strong community? One of Wyoming’s greatest benefits is the community. After the move, Meghan quickly made new friends and was welcomed into the Etna community with open arms.


If you dread long rush hour commutes, you belong in a small town. When Meghan finally decided to stay in Etna, she decided she liked being closer to Jackson, Idaho, and the River, which is only a four-minute commute to work. A short commute means more sleep, less time in the car, and less money wasted on gas—a big plus for anyone!


For Meghan, the transition from Jones Heartz to JDI was easy. The culture of the two companies is very similar, and there was also a lot of collaboration with coworkers from Denver with new coworkers in Etna to help JDI get started. Meghan’s favorite part of working at JDI is “being a part of building the company and watching it grow.” It has almost been a year since JDI has opened, and it has been one amazing journey so far.

Help JDI Build Big & Build Local

Meghan’s advice to anyone hoping to join the team or to make the move to Western Wyoming is “be ready for the cold.” With the mountains right in our back yard, you can expect a lot of snow. Although winters could be a little tough, it is the most beautiful place you will ever see and has the perfect summer weather.

JDI and its surrounding towns have a lot to offer. If you are interested in a position at JDI, please check out our career page to see what positions are open and to learn more about JDI and our benefits. As always, Build Big and Build Local!