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Top 3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Building Supply Vendors

If you plan on building or renovating your home, we can’t stress enough the importance of vendors. When engaging in any construction project, be aware that you will need to select and buy the required raw materials such as rebar, lumber, drywall, and any other necessary items that will be used in your project. Choosing the right vendors for these materials can help make your project a success, but choosing the wrong vendors can make it an extremely stressful and frustrating process.

So, how do you make sure that you choose quality vendors?

Product Quality

If you are building or renovating your property for real estate purpose, keep in mind that the quality of the materials you use to build will determine the quality of your property. At JDI, we only work with the best vendors to ensure that we provide our customers with quality products for their projects. All our vendors are experts in their industry, and you can rest assured that you’re getting top-rated products.

Proper Testing

In the building materials industry, all products and materials are required to go through strict testing to make sure they meet industry regulations. When it comes to our trusted vendors, we know that they perform the proper testing on all their products. This means that you are guaranteed to have superior products for your project that will remain durable and reliable throughout the lifetime of your property.

Proper Documents for Submittal

A crucial part of any construction and building process is the submittal process. During this phase of building, your chosen contractors, architects, and engineers will have to approve all chosen materials in compliance with the owner’s contract, which includes detailed information about everything from aesthetics to safety. You’ll want experienced and meticulous vendors when it comes to this part of the project to make sure that your construction submittals are managed properly. Failure to do so can cause lawsuits, injuries, or even death, so be sure to prioritize this concern when selecting your vendors.

What does that mean for you as a customer?

At this point you’ve read through what quality vendors can do for the products, but you’re probably wondering what they can do for you as a customer. The following is what you should benefit from when partnering with an excellent vendor:

  • Consistent quality products. Quality products can make or break your project- literally. Think of your vendor and product choice as an investment for the future and do your research.
  • Reliable products and vendors can make the building process simple and easy, so make sure there is good communication with your vendors.
  • Guaranteed protocol products. Selecting a vendor that supplies products that meet protocol is extremely important when thinking about the safety and longevity of your property.

When you choose to work with a vendor, they become your partner; with any good partnership, communication is key. That is why JDI chooses to work with only the best vendors in the area to ensure your project is built right and exceeds your standards.


If you’re interested in learning more about our vendors and what products they carry, feel free to contact us to speak with an experienced team member. We would be happy to give you our professional recommendation about what vendor would be the best fit for your project and price range. Remember, it’s all about partnership and communication. Go find your dream team!