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Jenkins Drywall & Insulation

You work hard to get projects done right; your materials supplier should too. At JDI, you can expect trustworthy service, quality building materials and reliable delivery. We are dedicated to creating successful partnerships by maintaining unparalleled local expertise throughout the buying and construction process for any size project. Let's build big by building local.




Type "X" and "C" drywall for your residential and commercial projects


Blown, mineral wool, foam board, spray, batt, faced and unfaced, and poly wrapped insulation to help your project meet energy codes.

Steel Framing

Steel framing from 25 Ga. to 16 Ga. plus all of the accessories you'll need to get the job done right. 

Drywall Accessories

From joint compounds to texturing, you'll find everything you need to get the walls up and ready for paint. 


Power tools, drywall tools,  hammers, and more.


Finish the walls effortlessly with drywall screws and nails, staples, adhesives, and more.

JDI Benefits

At JDI, you can take comfort in the fact that we have trusted industry experts working on our team- when it comes to building, we know what we’re doing. Our local knowledge paired with our uncompromising quality ensures product and construction expertise that you can count on for any size project. Your project is important to us, and that’s why we strive to provide all of our customers with unparalleled service such as timely delivery, manufacturing submittal assistance, and more. When you build with JDI, you build right.

Recent Updates

Living in Wyoming: From City to Small Town

What do you think about when you hear people talk about living in Western Wyoming? If you are from the big city, you might think about ranches, tumbleweeds, and cowboys.

Yes, Wyoming does have all of those things, but it is way more than what it seems—the breath-taking views of the Tetons, beautiful fall foliage, and small tight-knit communities are what make Wyoming so amazing.

Gypsum 101: Types of Gypsum for your Project

It's always important to know what types of gypsum are good to use for your project. To find out more about types of gypsum, call JDI today.

wyoming drywall company

The Beginnings of JDI- Who We Are and How We Started

Jenkins Drywall and Insulation is a greenfield startup in Alpine, WY created by Kodiak Building Partners and Jenkins Lumber and Hardware in May 2020. JDI serves the drywall and insulation materials needs of commercial and residential contractors and do-it-yourselfers in the Jackson and Star Valley regions.

Top 3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Vendors

If you plan on building or renovating your home, we can’t stress enough the importance of vendors.

In the News: Kodiak Building Partners Forms Jenkins Drywall and Insulation

The greenfield drywall and insulation distribution operation will be based in Etna, Wyo.

In the News: Kodiak Building Partners Launches Drywall and Insulation Distributor

Kodiak Building Partners and Jenkins Lumber and Hardware has formed a greenfield drywall and insulation distribution operation, Jenkins Drywall and Insulation (JDI), based in Etna, Wyoming.

In the News: Kodiak and Jenkins Launch New Format

Kodiak Building Partners and Jenkins Lumber and Hardware have formed a  greenfield drywall and insulation distribution operation, Jenkins Drywall and Insulation (JDI), based in Etna, Wyo.